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We’re Here! I Swear!

Wow.  We got hit hard last night!  My poor Jeep has gotten stuck in the front yard.  I peeked out to see where he was left when we got up.  The snow is past the top of the bumper.  I lose my dogs whenever they go out (so glad we no longer have Minion as he was all white, atleast I can still find these guys).  We still have power and heat.  I am so glad I don’t have to go to work today!  What a mess!  Chris will have to walk to get his truck at the shop around the corner.  Thank goodness the brakes are done.

Once it lightens up a little more outside I will take a few photos to show what we got.  I’m sure the outdoor people will love it today.  The bikes are all but buried.  Atleast halfway up my tires on poor Rogue.  Chris’s bike is taller so Lucy is sticking out more.

Do I try to dig out my car?  I’m not sure that will be possible with the way he got stuck.  I may try anyway.  We’ll see how I feel this afternoon.

Wow.  I just went and took some photos and it just started snowing again.  It’s coming down pretty good.  So much for light snow this winter!  Mother Nature made up for our deficit all at once it seems!   Stay warm!


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