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Feeling Grateful

Thank you to everyone for allowing me to indulge my whininess over the past few entries.  We received more bad news yesterday but I will pass over that.  Today’s post will not be negative.

I find myself drawing away from people when I get like this.  My only connection will be my written word.  I have to be careful because I will try not to spread or share too much of my negative situation/vibe and thus just not connect at all or I will share too much and too often and everyone is just tired of hearing it.

Those of us who ride tend to be worse of in the bad weather when life throws bad things at us because there is no potential relief from getting out and riding the bike.  And it’s cold.  Another rider and I were discussing that not only do we find ourselves more annoyed more often there is also a higher stress factor.  Not that things may be worse but the usual release valve is not there.

Getting sick again isn’t helping.  I worry that I won’t be able to go to an interview because I am sick.   But I said no negativity.   I did find eye drops for the dogs so no vet bill.  The drops seem to be working as well so yay!  I will need to get them more of their normal medicine either today or tomorrow.  If Chris still needs my car I will send him with my credit card instead of making two trips into town.

We are due to get hit with more snow today and tomorrow.  I am glad to have the option to hunker in.  I got a few sunset photos last night so I will share those.  Thank you again and I hope everyone has a fab day.


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