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Trying to Focus On Desserts and Not Be Stressed

I’m not sure how today will go.  Things aren’t really flowing.  It’s more of a jerky stop and start.  Computer problems, Moose has gotten sick twice over the course of the night (somehow he has eaten two or three pairs of socks and I have no idea how he has gotten to them), Stella heard things and started barking (and had a hard time stopping)…  I hope there is enough gas in my car to get me to and from my meeting that I’m covering as well as a trip to the newspaper.  I also hope he turned off all the things he had on.  In his truck my husband leaves everything on and just turns the vehicle off.  I always turn off everything- radio, heater etc.  And as cold as it is in the mornings my car doesn’t want to start so less strain on the battery the better.  I also need to get directions to where I am going.  I’m leaving almost an hour early incase I get lost.

On the positive side Moose is keeping breakfast down, I remembered to get everything together last night so I can shower and such without waking Chris, the kids are asleep, I will have this done before I leave, I will have had atleast one cup of coffee before I leave…

But I am tired and just not feeling it this morning.  Being pulled out of deep sleep at random intervals hasn’t helped.  I need to figure out bills at one point as well.  Not all can get paid so I need to decide who does this time and who does next time.  I may need to go into Traverse tomorrow but I think I can put that off until Thursday.  We’ll see.

My piece did get accepted so I will post a pic of the article when I get the paper Friday or Saturday.  I worry that we have doggy pink eye going through the house.  I hope I’m wrong.   We seem to get hit every few years.  I will drag things out as long as I can because I can’t afford the vet right now.  Home remedies here we come!

I still need to shower and go to my other writing site so I’d better sign off for now.

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