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A Quick Few Words

Not feeling too good this morning.  Dinner did not agree with me.  But I still need to write this, even if it is short.  It is a brisk -12F here.  The sad part is it was colder last night.  I hope the animals around here were ok.  The birds are all up and chirping so they are good.  I don’t if any animals took shelter in the unfinished garage or not.

I am waiting on my editor to call about my article.  I think once I talk to her I will curl up with the dogs and a book.  Maybe get some more sleep.  I hope I feel better tomorrow.  I have a meeting I am covering at 10am.  My husband blew the brake line on his truck Friday so anything I have to do I need to make sure I am back before he leaves for work so he can take my car.  Mom has offered to drive me to interviews if needed.

Ok.  This is all I can muster today.  I will see everyone tomorrow!  Cheers!


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