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Feeling Frozen

I have to say I didn’t miss the anxiety attacks while I was job hunting.  I am getting some nibbles about hiring me and my anxiety kicks in big time if I let myself think about it.  I hate that.  Can’t enjoy a new adventure.  I just freak out.

Today is the last day of my guitar class.  I have learned things but I haven’t… if that makes sense.  I can play random chords and notes but we never even learned a song.  If we learned a song I’d feel some level of accomplishment.  I’d have something to show all of a piece instead of piecemeal.

Geez I guess I’m crabby today.  So much change is happening and I’m not ready for it.  It is a nasty cold out.  Our “high” is supposed to be 1 degree Fahrenheit, low -20.  I don’t even know if my car will start in the morning!  If push comes to shove I think I can accomplish everything over the phone.  Assuming they don’t cut it off.

I hate feeling lost.  I checked and we are at a brisk -4 degrees Fahrenheit right now.  We’ve got faucets dripping so pipes don’t freeze.  The dogs were in and out to go potty this morning.  It is cold enough that I believe we will use the coats Gramma made.  I wish we had boots for them.  Today has been a lot of three paws walks through the yard from frozen paws.

I guess I ought to get off of here and get my article handed in.  Then I will hear tomorrow morning if any changes need to be made.  Stay warm my friends!


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