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My World Through Bleary Eyes (But the Sun Is Out)

This morning I am tapped out. I have no idea what to write.  It isn’t helping that my laptop is going all goofy on me.  I type, nothing shows and then all at once all the letters show up, hopefully in the right order.  We slept in today since Chris has the day off.  But we also stayed up a lot later.

I got a lot done by the time Chris go up yesterday morning so I let myself slack a bit the rest of the day.  I wrote my article, practiced my guitar, made some phone calls, did laundry and dishes.  The kids and I played a lot too.  They even got their nails trimmed.  Not a lot but some.  Moose is a nut.  I trim Essie’s nails first because she will let me get all her nails with minimal fussing.  She gets her treat.  Moose is all but pushing her out of the way to get his trimmed to get that treat.  Normally we can’t get him to sit still to trim his nails.  Even if my husband tries to hold him he turns to liquid and oozes out of his arms.  But yesterday he sat very nicely and let me have a paw.  So I compromised and got some of his longer nails while he was willing.  He was so proud of himself and wanted that treat!  Then Stella wanted in on the action.  She’d never gotten her nails trimmed here.  So I was able to take care of everyone (Dante really didn’t need it but I trimmed a nail so Moose saw that everyone had to do it to get a treat) and that set a good mood for everyone for the day.  Everyone promptly went outside for zoomies.

I am very proud of my kids.  With all the changes lately they have been rockstars.  The mornings I had to leave the house they stayed quiet as I asked them too and they have just been so adaptable with everything.  Having a bigger yard to run in has made a huge difference.  More to explore and fertilize.  I have gotten down as much of the old fencing as I could but what is left has frozen to the ground so it will have to wait until Spring.  That will be the hard part when I finally get back to work (that and leaving the kids).  once Spring gets here there is so much that needs to be done in the front and backyard.  The front yard will be torn up from all the vehicles parking there.  At any rate I am really looking forward to all the work and outside time this will take.

I will leave you with a few pictures of the kids.  Cheers!


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