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Long Distance Caring

I was exhausted by the time bed rolled around last night.  I went to the event for the article I am writing but by the time I had gotten home Dad had texted me in quite a state.  Very emotional, everything was going wrong, too much to do, couldn’t find paperwork and phone numbers needed.  Four hours later, between his husband and I we got things back on track.

It can be hard trying to care for someone long distance.  Dad used to live down in Detroit so I had a 5 hour drive.  But I could get there.  Now he lives in Montreal so it is impossible for me to get up there to see him.  Every time I try to get a trip together something happens and I can’t go.  So I do my counseling via FaceTime, Skype, email or texting.

What do you do for a loved one you cannot physically be there for?  What has helped you (and them) feel the love and support over the distance?

The sad thing is one gets so used to doing it remotely that even those living closer to you that you can make your way to you don’t.  Not because you don’t care but because doing it remotely is what you do.  And life helps by giving money issues and timing issues so that you can’t travel and be there.

But I do my best to be there as much as I can.  Sometimes I have things going on that no one else knows about.  There are times that I cannot handle my problems and those of others.  So I will step away and be silent.

Now I think I will get a fresh cup of coffee and curl up with a book for a bit.  With any luck I will fall back asleep.  Cheers!

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