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My Paper Trail or How Words Built Me Up

They were impressed enough at my interview yesterday that I am attending a seminar and writing an article on it for the paper.  This is very exciting and I am looking forward to showing them what I can do.  The last paper I wrote for was the college paper.  I dug out a few issues and tried to remember the articles.  I remember a few of them.  My other publications I remember better, mostly my book reviews, times I wrote to my favorite magazines and they published my letter and my one big article in the Northern Express (this is a Traverse City paper that is for locals and tourists alike on what to do locally as well as what is going on here and in the world).

I’m proud of my work.  I do my best to keep copies of everything.  And what I don’t have Mom does.  I think the first time I was published was in the parish paper at school.  I was in 2nd grade.  Sister Katherine had us write an essay on something.  Not only did she read it out loud to the class (funny thing is I thought it was pretty good, then I slowly realized that I recognized the words) but she said she submitted it to the parish paper so everyone could read it.

I think one of my proudest moments was when I handed in a story that I’d written on the back of the bus on the way into school that morning.  Worst case of procrastination I ever had.  The story was due that day.  We were supposed to have three drafts (two at the very least) and the final draft was supposed to be pristine.  Mine was none of those things.  But my teacher not only read my story a loud to the class (and again I didn’t recognize my own work… why is that?) but I got an A+ with a wonderful little paragraph praising my work and recommending that I watch Mystery! on PBS (this was a staple for Mom, Grams and I to watch whenever we could before my teacher’s suggestion).  I still have that story in my files.

Two hours before I need to leave.  I’d better make sure my micro recorder works and that I have all the stuff I will need to cover the event.  Have a great day!

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