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Off to the Paper I Go

It is a bitterly cold morning here.  I am clock watching as I need to make a phone call around 9am to my editor to set up a time to meet.  Yes indeed my friends!  You heard correctly!  I have an editor!  I did a blind call yesterday about a writing job advertised in the local paper.  After talking to the editor for a few minutes she has given me the job!

It is a pretty small piece and probably will be a bit boring but that is ok.  I will be working for a newspaper.  My official duties will be to attend and record various local government events for the paper.  My first gig is with the Planning Commission on the 22nd at 10am.  Before then I need to set up a time to meet and talk to the editor face to face.  She sounds like a nice person, overworked but nice.  She was impressed when I told her that I had worked for the college paper.  I think that is what tipped the scales in my favor.

I am very excited to start this project.  I have all my tools of the trade.  Numerous pens, small pads of paper and my microcassette recorder.  I just need to charge a few sets of batteries for my microcassette recorder so I have extras if they run low during the meeting.  I think she was impressed that I did not poo poo the fact that the meeting would be boring.  I told her that I wanted to be a reporter and I knew I had to start somewhere.  (Or am I supposed to say journalist?  Is reporter too old fashioned?)

I also need to pull together a few clips from past articles I’ve written.  She did not ask for these but as a professional courtesy it is the right thing to do.  She is pretty much hiring me sight unseen.  Hopefully the roads won’t be too bad if she wants to meet today.  The plow trucks have been out doing their things off and on for a few hours.  I pulled together a bunch of outfits to wear as well as makeup to put on last night.  I honestly don’t know what to wear.  It is a local paper so I’m sure they are pretty casual (it sounds like they do most of the work themselves, right down to distribution) but I want to make a good first impression so no jeans.  But I don’t want to come across as cocky or overdress sooooo I’m not sure.  I pulled a bunch of things together.  I’ll do a fashion show for the dogs and see what to wear.

I’ll have more news tomorrow no doubt.  I will stop here before this post gets too big.  Cheers!

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