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Cutting the Bad to Make Way For the Good

I will be positive.  I will be positive.  I will be positive.  My machine is going wonky on me today.  It won’t type even though I have pushed keys, will change sites randomly while I’m reading, that sort of thing.  I did a big thing (for me) yesterday.  I cut my hair in front.  I have bangs again.  I’m sure my husband will be thrilled.  I swore I’d never do it again but the ends were fried almost all the way up so I made a big gulp and cut to the healthy hair.  Thus bangs.  I almost did the rest but I chickened out.  Bangs are enough right now.  And it’s too cold for short hair.  I had to go out to get Essie’s frisbee because she took it all the way to the back of the yard and her paws were too frozen to go get it to come in.  (I make them come in with the toy they took out.  No toy you don’t come in until you go get it.)

I’m wondering if cutting my hair was such a good idea.  I keep my hair long.   My one feminine vanity.  I prefer all the same length because then I can just pull it all back.  Easier under my motorcycle helmet too.  Bangs can be itchy and manage to tickle my forehead annoyingly.  But things need to start changing with me.  I need to start stepping out of my comfort zone.  I’m hoping doing this now will help me move forward for riding season.  Baby steps.  Little bits of courage moving forward.

If I can change my hair drastically then I can do that in other aspects of my life.  The interesting thing about hair is that you cannot go back once you cut it.  I need more of that.  I need more choices that I cannot go back on, only forward.  I WILL move forward.  No more looking in the rear view mirror.  The past isn’t changing.  Pausing to remember the past is one thing.  But spending too much time looking at what was and missing what you had (or thought you had) needs to stop.  If you aren’t learning from it don’t focus on it.

Move forward.  I can do this. So can you.

3 thoughts on “Cutting the Bad to Make Way For the Good”

  1. Whooooooaaaaaaa. I’m surprised at the haircut. I’m in the same boat and I can’t decide whether to go short spikes before this surgery or not. I’m at my in-between stage -between 1 1/2 “ to 2”. Sigh.
    Lost your blog but then found!!!! Success! Will Essie wear booties? Poor baby.

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    1. I’m surprised too. I may chop the rest at one point but we’ll see. I usually go with ease of maintance. Lol
      Glad you found me again! As to Essie I don’t know if she would wear booties or not. She’s smart and will wear a coat when it’s too cold so she might wear boots. I want to get a pair for everyone but Dante. He’s the only one who doesn’t seem affected by the cold.

      Thanks again for reading! Cheers!


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