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Thinking of Spring

Well the internet is wonky but my laptop is connected via the router versus my phone.  The snow that was to have stopped around midnight is still going strong.  Dante came in covered in white.  I think even Dante is ready for Spring.

To cheer myself yesterday I was looking at flashwork (this is the drawing used to do the tattoo) as well as actual tattoos.  I already have quite the list of ink that I am going to get (I keep this in my wallet in case I can get something done spur of the moment) but as any ink lover will tell you there is always room for more.

A lot of what I looked at were smaller pieces but my favorites were the ones with soft vibrant color.  I saved a lot of them for reference.  There were fun paw prints, beautiful butterflies, watercolor flowers and even some dragons and wolves.  I found some beautiful pieces that went around the ankle and some around the wrist.  They were simple and delicate.

I prefer to get my ink during the Spring and Summer because then I can have them exposed and not itching under clothing.  And I can show them off.  I like ink that inspires me and makes me feel good.  My biggest piece to date is for a friend I’ve never met in Ireland.  He has a shopping list of cancers and we became close over the years.  He found this piece of art and we both loved it.  He was shocked when I finally got the piece done.  It is a heart made from two dragons.  It covers a lot of my back and I am always amazed when I catch a glimpse of them in the mirror.  I have three tattoos on my back that I don’t see and sadly forget about from time to time.  The other seven are on my front.

I will include some of the pieces I was considering with this post as well as my dragons that are on my back (I have four dragons total).    Oh and I will share Dante when he came in this morning.  The snow seems to have stopped for the moment.  Yay!  Cheers!


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