What Now?

I am connected to the internet by my phone this morning.  My husband did something to the WiFi yesterday and now my laptop can’t connect.  So I am using my phone as a WiFI hotspot.  The connection isn’t the best.  The site has been doing weird things like trying to do things I never asked it to.

I don’t know if anyone will be here to work on the garage today.  Or what will be done in the future.  The latest hiccup in this saga is someone needs to pay over $1600 to have one of our electrical poles relocated.  We certainly don’t have the money and we asked our contractor more than once before they began digging if there was going to be a problem and were told no.  Well now there is a problem.  They cannot finish the roof until the pole and wire are moved. So.

I sent a photo of the bill to the contractor.  I have gotten no response.  Things are so far behind and communication is all but not there.  I have no idea what to expect or what will happen.  Hopefully no court dates.  At this point I just want the garage done and done right.  This is ridiculous.

We got up at 7am today so Chris could get some sleep.  I may curl up after I am done with this.  Stella started barking at every vehicle that went by from 11pm on last night.  Usually just as I was falling asleep.  So I am exhausted.  We’ll see though.  I may get a second wind and might go out to work in the yard.  A lot of branches came down with the wind yesterday.  I am still working on pulling all the old chicken wire fencing down as well.

I am so looking forward to Spring and Summer when I can leave the sliding glass door open wide and we can spend our time out in the yard doing whatever.  I am tired of being cooped up in the house.  I’m sure the kids are too.  Dante was running after Essie yesterday while we were out.  I had to shut the shed up (wind blew the doors open again) and batten down the motorcycles (the wind was trying to pull off their covers) so I took the kids out with and we played a bit while we were out.

I need to try to practice guitar again today.  I am having a bear of a time with the chords he is trying to teach us.  I just can’t keep them straight in my head.  I keep getting frustrated.  So I will try to watch the videos again and see if I can make any head  way.  I may have to find another source to supplement from.  I have a book for classical guitar that I may need to pull out.  It’s not that the instructor is bad it’s that I can’t seem to wrap my head and fingers around this particular lesson.

So here’s to hoping the day goes well for all of us!  Cheers!


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