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Wind and Other Distrac…. Oh Look! A Flying Branch!

It is a bit vicious out there this morning.  Strong winds have brought tree branches down.  I’m going to have to haul a lot out of the yards.  I’m watching quite a few more just barely hanging on tossing around in the wind.  We have also gotten a lovely ice/rain/snow mix.  I’m glad I don’t have to go anywhere.  Not only are the roads bad but looking at my car I believe the doors are frozen shut.  I’m watching the trees as some of these gusts go through and they are almost bent double.  I would not be surprised it we lose power at one point.

The kids and I stayed up late last night reading.  After midnight is late for us.  Sorry.  I keep getting distracted by the crack of a branch breaking then watching it get caught on another branch and swing like crazy in the wind, not knowing if it will stay stuck or come off at one point.  I went out and took a few photos.  It’s hard to show how the trees are being blown because the wind will change direction.  I did get a shot of some of the branches that have come down.  Dante wasn’t happy that I went out.  He was right behind me the whole time.

One really weird thing was I looked at my whirly-gig (a sunflower and small sunflower made from glass that blow in the wind) both sides were spinning like crazy but if  I looked through the camera on my phone the one side was all but stopped.  Look up at the real thing spinning like crazy still.  Kinda creepy.   Today will be a good day to read some of my Gothic horror.

My thoughts are scattered as well.  The weather keeps pulling them all over.  I’m surprised that I slept as well as I did last night.  The wind whistles through this one vent every few gusts and startles everyone.  The furnace keeps coming on.  See what I mean?  The brain is all over the place.  The eyes keep drifting to the sliding glass door with each big gust that hits.  I’ll stop here and add the photos I took.  Sigh.



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