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This One’s For Dante

Today I feel as though someone has died.  I don’t know why.  The day isn’t as bright.  I was tempted not to do this but I need to keep going.  I have fallen behind on my classes but I managed to catch up this past week.  I just wanted to stay in bed this morning.  And sleep.

I don’t know what to do with myself.  Nothing is turning out as it should.  It doesn’t necessarily end in disaster but it does not go as planned.  I have no inspiration to write with.  I am falling behind on things I want to get done.  Maybe I don’t feel as though I’m making a difference?  I’m not sure.

I look at all the white coming in on Dante’s muzzle and wonder how much longer we will have him.  He is 15 years old now.  He could be as old as 16 because he just showed up one day in our yard.   I put out flyers around the area because he had belonged to someone.  He had slipped his collar.  You could see the collar impression in his fur around his neck.  No one ever came to get him so he has been ours ever since.  The vet guessed his age to be between nine months and a year and a half old.  We’ve had him 15 years now.

He has problems walking and sleeps most of the time.  But he will go tearing around the yard with the younger pups to play.  Moose will make it a point to try to get Dante playing.  When I get home he will greet me with a toy in his mouth.  We will play catch for maybe 5 -10 minutes before something distracts us.  Usually one of the other dogs.  His mouth is tender so we don’t play much tug of war.

I always feel bad because I have tons of pictures of the other three but not many of Dante.  He doesn’t change as he sleeps and he doesn’t do much when he’s awake.  When he does do something I’m usually too busy encouraging him to take a photo.  Everyone knows we have four dogs.  They picture the other three but Dante is the mystery dog because I don’t share many photos of him.  So I guess this is where I share a bunch of pictures of Boo.




4 thoughts on “This One’s For Dante”

  1. It is a great post. Losing a fur baby or anticipating losing a fur baby is painful. There’s no way around it. Accept it and go with the flow – and remember good times. I think I’ll start writing down memories of Tuffy while he’s still here so I’ll have them when he’s out running with Ranger and Missy in the next life.

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    1. Thank you. I’m glad you like it. I am doing my best to enjoy what time we still have together. He has always been a momma’s boy. ❤️🐾
      Keep your memories as best you can.


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