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So Focused I Forgot a Title

We slept in this morning since the guys won’t be here til Tuesday, maybe.  It felt good and I was pretty much out cold.  I look around and wonder… actually wander is a better word.  Because my mind will wander to a different thought each time I look at something else.  I have a pouty Pitbull.  Essie expected me to boot her sister off the loveseat so she could have her spot and is a little upset that I did not.  Especially since Moose has since gotten up and gone to sleep at the opposite end.

I have been trying to take some photos with my camera, phone camera.  I enjoy it and some of them turn out quite beautifully.  I have my Mom’s old Cannon but it needs a battery.  Film is still in the fridge (I said it was an old camera).  I have two digital cameras as well I suppose I could fire up with batteries.  Maybe I’ll do that later today.  I want to learn to use the Cannon but I always forget a battery and thus never get around to it.

I enjoy showing my life in pictures, be they made of photographs or words.  Everything is perishable, even our memories.  I don’t want to forget who I am or what I’ve done, or what has happened in my life.  So much of life has gone by so fast.  I look at pictures from my childhood or 20s and it doesn’t seem like all that was over 30 years ago.

This morning I notice I’m almost guzzling my coffee.  I barely taste it.  Nerves?  Cold?  Desperate need of caffeine?  It looks as though the sun will be shining brightly today or atleast this morning.  No clouds.  I may take some photos.  I got some beautiful colors last night of our sunset.  I’ll share them in this post.  I hope you like them.  Speaking of which I will add the photos and get this published for the day.  I’ll add a few of the kids too.  There are some cute ones.  Cheers!


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