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Just Because

On Writing.com we have something called merit badges.  They look like small round patches that you put on clothing.  They are virtual but if you like it enough you can order the real thing and have it sent to your house (for a small fee).  Now these merit badges are for all occasions.  You can give one free every month (which I did not know until yesterday), otherwise they are 30,000 points (you earn points easily enough by reviewing other writers, doing games and contests… or you can just buy them).  I woke up to find that a fellow writer had gifted me a merit badge.  It’s entitled “Just Because.”  That just so made my day!

And I guess that is my point.  Yes the merit badge was probably free but that is not the point.  The merit badge was a gift from a stranger just because, just to say hi.  Just to make me smile.  And it worked!  It totally brightened my day and made me smile.  We need more of this in the world.

We can do small things that don’t cost a lot or nothing at all and totally make someone’s day (or even week)!  Just a smile and a kind word can completely brighten someone’s day.  I remember when I was working as a cashier at the local grocery store one of our baggers was an elderly gentleman in his 70s.  Just an absolute sweetie.  Every payday he would buy me a small bouquet of flowers just to see me smile.  He didn’t have much money but he did that for me every payday.

So today I challenge you to do something nice for someone, especially a stranger.  Go make someone smile.  Just because.



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