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A Groggy White Morning

I’m out of it this morning.  I had a very emotional call with my Dad and then I was worried about family at home.  I couldn’t sleep so I took a sleepy pill.  I was fine on the couch.  (I went there because I wasn’t going to fight for room on the bed.  I was too exhausted.)  But when I was awakened and taken to bed. I could not get comfortable for hours.  And I do mean hours.  I tossed and turned (which is no mean feat when surrounded by dogs) til the wee hours of the morning.  I got some sleep but I am wiped out.

The guys never showed and the contractor never answered the phone when I called.  Sooooo no work done on the garage.  Which wouldn’t irritate me (I expected no one due to the holidays) but when you say you are going to have the guys here you’d better have them here.  Pretty much a no call no show.

The kids  and I did get out and do some running before the weather went sour.  All the rain we’d had melted the snow but yesterday the snow turned to snow as the temps dropped  20 degrees in about 12 hours.  The pups had fun and went for a drive.  They got the mandatory treat at the bank,I drove to Kalkaska instead of just going to Traverse while we were in town because they don’t give treats there.  But Moose especially was happy to get his treat.

My mind is still fuzzy and I need to go and review someone’s novel in progress for them on the other site.  So I’ll take my coffee and move on.  Cheers!

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