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Odds and Beginnings

As I was reaching to start typing this my phone went off.  A slew of notifications about likes and follows on my site.  Made me feel good (even at this early hour).  This morning is an odd one so far.  Stella apparently slept out here on the big dog bed.  She has only done that once or twice before.  Both Moose and Essie are sleeping on the couch.  NOT on the coveted loveseat behind me.  Everyone has fallen back asleep.  Stella has been covered up but I will cover the other two if and when I turn the AC fan on.  Dante is the only “normal” one this morning.  He is at my feet under the table.  He has a thick coat so he’s the only one I don’t have to cover up this time of year.

Part of me hopes the guys don’t show.  I have enjoyed the silence.  But I am extremely disappointed at the progress (or lack there of) on the garage.  I understand that not all of it is their fault.  But damn it.

I pulled out one of my writing books and sat down with it yesterday.  Open mind, not expectations.  I got what I needed and more.  It was Natalie Goldberg’s The True Secret to Writing.  She was actually my first ever writing book.  Mom got it for me, Writing Down the Bones.  It felt like I was stepping back in my personal time.  Instead of thinking the lessons too abstract or not going to work for me something clicked.  Just like it did all those years ago.  I had to put the book down at one point because I didn’t want to devour it all at once and lose something in the inhaling.  So I will pick it back up this morning.

I don’t know why this seems to be an odd morning.  Not Dr. Seuss odd, but not quite right odd.  With all the rain we’ve had the past 24 hours all the snow is gone.  I might take the bike out… but it looks like rain all day with a temperature drop thrown in for good measure.  That’s all I need is to hit black ice on the bike.  But we’ll see.  If the guys don’t show then I just might take the bike to do my running.

Now that everyone has been covered up but me and Dante I suppose I ought to move forward with my day.  I could go on and on here just pouring it all out.  Thanks for reading and hope your day is fab!


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