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The Beginning of the End or Repeat Episode?

No idea if construction on the garage will continue today or not.  Things in the world seem to be very depressing.  I took a quick glance through the news clips while my laptop loaded up what it needed to and China is going back to commercial whaling, Russians that are their “best and brightest” are being chased from their homeland, I won’t even get into the messes over the wall and Trump that are going on here.

We were watching the 2016 episodes of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown last night.  We stopped after the London episode (mostly because I had to try to get some sleep to get up early).  That episode happened at the same time Britain pulled out with their Brexit vote.  That under lying panic you see there is a lot like what is going on all over today.  Then there were all the signs at how he was doing.  Hindsight sucks.  Being someone who suffers from depression etc. watching the episodes I can see his unhappiness.  The one that really gets you thinking about it is the Buenos Aires episode where he goes to see a shrink (because apparently that is what everyone does there if they can afford it).  The questions he’s asked and his answers are very telling.  But again, hindsight.

Is the world repeating itself?  Are we in one big depression (not just economically but emotionally as well)?  How many of the “signs” of this situation would we see by watching old news episodes?  Things just seem to be spinning faster and faster out of control.  It’s little things now but they will get bigger.  When will it stop?  Will it stop?

The world is becoming an even scarier place to be.  I am curious to see where we end up.

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