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Holiday Wishes

Mountains, zombies and garden were the suggested search words for reading blogs on WordPress this morning.  Lol.  I am not at all sure where the zombie suggestion came from!

I hope everyone is having or does have a good day with family and friends.  It will be quiet here at our house and that is fine with me.  I feel self conscious because there was no money to get anyone any gifts this year.  No one cares except me it seems.  But my loving husband got me gifts anyway.  Not much to be sure because money is tight for him as well but it is still something.  I made puppy treats yesterday.  That was my big thing.  I did scrub various parts of the house that were is desperate need of it the day before.  I guess that could be a gift of sorts.

Does it really matter?  It shouldn’t but it does.  Atleast to me.  I’m not one of those who will happily sit while gifts are bestowed upon them.  I like to give.  It might not be much but I try.

I took some pictures this morning trying to get the cool color shadings as the sun made it’s way up.  I picked two but they still don’t do the colors justice.  There were purples, blues and pinks to my eye.  But the camera didn’t see it that way.  I did get some nice shading.  Let me know what you think.

Take care and Happy Holidays to everyone!


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