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Christmas Contemplation

I could scroll through the blogs and read them for hours if I let myself.  The snow seems to have taken over while we were asleep last night.  There goes our first plow truck for the day.  A neighbor is snow blowing for the first time this season.  Once the truck is gone though it is strangely silent.  I just hear the soft breathing of the Pitties and the hum of the laptop.  Snow tends to do that I find.  It’s like being wrapped in cotton.   It does look pretty out but I am glad I don’t have to go anywhere.  I think we got three or so inches.

Tomorrow is Christmas.  Mom isn’t coming so that means it will just be us.  I am sad that Mom isn’t coming over but I completely understand why.  And for those wondering why we don’t just pack up and go to her house, her fencing is bad so our kids would be inclined to leave her yard and explore.  Not to mention her two have never met our four.  We have enough space to introduce everyone one at a time but Mom doesn’t.  And I get the feeling that Mom just wants to be alone.  After family time tomorrow Chris and I will probably be spending a lot of time either on our phones or computers connecting with the rest of our family.

I find that I have made some improvements on myself in the time I have had off.  I am grateful for that.  I was very low and in a deep rut.  Hopefully after the new year begins I can find a new job doing something I like.  Something new I think.  We’ll see what is available after the holidays.

I hope everyone has a good holiday with their family and friends.  Even if it is just by calling them on the phone.  Cheers!2251d1dc-ba30-4bd2-bbec-b13a7d909f0f-2282-000000776a783b37_file


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