Life, Thinking

Silence Can Be Golden…

Is that silence I hear?  It’s almost deafening this morning.  The skies are still dark.  Sadly we got some snow yesterday.  The ground had been practically clear.  The kids are all snoozing in various parts of the living room.  I got an extra hour and a half of sleep but I am still a bit groggy.

I hear a blue jay calling outside.  Everything else is still.  It’s the kind of morning where you just want to zone out and put your brain and life on idle for a while.  A rather nice Winnie the Pooh type day really.  Make fun if you will but I read Winnie the Pooh to the family to help them sleep.  I rather enjoy it.

I will practice my guitar later today but right now I think I will just be in the moment.  No one is fussing at me for attention.  Nothing has to be done.  No one is coming over or going anywhere.  I will just sit and listen to the birds (I believe this one is a chickadee… I’m going by sound because the curtains are closed).


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