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The Awesomeness That Was Yesterday

Ahhhh blessed day!  Yesterday was amazing!  Not only did I get my pirate necklace a friend made me (with one of a kind skull earrings to go with) but I got my whole office torn out then put back together before bed.  And everything fit!  lol  Many a time I have a bunch of homeless stuff sitting in the next room with no idea where I’m gonna put it and not mess up what I had cleaned.

I found a bunch of stuff I need to get framed.  I hung what I could (what was in plastic).  I made myself as wall of speed.  I pulled out all my racing posters and my racing autographs and arranged a collage of awesomeness.  I can see it from my desk.  My back is to my window across the room but that was the only good place to put it.  The cool thing is my office is now a place a want to be and hang out.  There is more than enough floor room for the kids if everyone wants to come in and hang with me.  My Bluetooth speakers are in there too.

Of course I am physically paying for it.  I also torn down a bunch of chicken wire that one of my rosebushes was entangled in yesterday morning.  I didn’t do my workout because I was so exhausted.  I also plan on curling up for some more sleep once I plug the ginny in for the guys.  No one showed yesterday but I have been assured that we will have the guys here today.  I have everything going so hopefully Chris can still get sleep regardless.

I haven’t felt this good about myself in a long time.  But I am soooooo looking forward to more sleep!  I am struggling to keep my eyes open as I write this.  I’m still amazing to peer over the top of my laptop and find everything gone that was there last night.  I will share some photos of last night so you can see what I mean.  Cheers!



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