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Little Sleep but Fond Memories

I am feeling frustrated this morning.  It just took one thing to throw my whole day off.  Dumb as it sounds.  I’m trying hard not to be angry but things keep going wrong.  And I worry that whatever I do will be the wrong thing.  Am I just setting myself up to fail?  Or is it just experience?  Probably a bit of both.  It doesn’t help that I don’t want to be up this early.

The kids are all back to sleep.  I covered everyone up (except Dante because he has thick fur).  I am envious.  At some wee hour there was a big cat fight outside the bedroom window.  Then something made a boom type noise nearer the garage.  I thought it was a board propped up but both boards were still up when we got up.  I have no idea what the noise was from.  Once I quieted my mind enough to fall back asleep Chris got home and apparently scared both girls because they took off barking both when he pulled in (they came back to bed and curled up once the truck was turned off) and when he came in.  As I started to doze again is when he came to bed to sleep so my mind registered that and kept going.  I would check the clock intermittently to make sure I was up by 7am.  What dreams I had were really really weird.

Yes, there are bigger problems in the world but right now lack of sleep is mine.  And I am not a napper.  I didn’t do well when I was little either.  I remember Mom had to bribe me with a Tigers game on tv if she wanted be to lay down.  I’d get my pillow and blanket and lay in front of the tv and watch the Tigers play.  I believe the Mark Fidritch was the first famous person I ever met.  I remember meeting him in my Mom’s arms.  I was a toddler if not younger.  I don’t think I could walk yet.

Well I think the guys are arriving so I’d better go hoist the window so I can plug in their ginnie.

lights night crowd stadium
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