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Finding My Way a Step at a Time

Well I was a busy bee yesterday morning… I signed up for two classes with Coursera.  I am taking Beginning Guitar and writing historical fiction.  They both started yesterday and I am well into week two with both of them.  The first week is always what to expect with the class etc.  The dogs are tired of hearing me play A minor and E major on my acoustic.  I could pull out the electric and just not plug in.  Then I can practice and it will be quiet.

I am very excited to be doing all this.  They are free classes so I don’t put the extra pressure on myself to perform.  If I want at the end I can pay and get my certificate and it will show on my transcript.  But right now I am taking the classes and learning.  That makes me happy.  I’m not trying to balance work and classes like I did last time.

What I do need to do is set up a schedule as to when I do what.  I plowed thru both classes yesterday.  I need to slow it down.  Especially with guitar.  I need to take the time and do it right.  I don’t need to be sitting in front of the computer all day either.  The kids were so patient with me yesterday!  We did a few good romps around last night though.

I mentioned it to my Mom that she could do some classes.  She seemed receptive.  But then she started questioning if it was legit or not etc etc.  She wants to do it but she is afraid to make the commitment because she might fail (sound familiar?).  She was looking at paying for one of the classes.  I told her to find a free one so she wouldn’t sandbag herself.  So I can only hope that she will find something she likes.

So I will probably blather on about one or the other of the classes for a bit.  It will be a welcome change of pace for me.  Now to figure out a schedule…


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