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Gimme A Break (Without the Kit Kat Bar)

Ahhhhh… Blessed silence!  No guys banging or drilling.  I don’t have to have the AC fan going to keep the kids quiet.  No one is really doing anything this morning.  Traffic is minimal.  I have missed this.

I pulled out some books to go thru to try to glean some inspiration from last night.  Sadly I fell asleep before I got very far.  Still sick but on the mend finally.  Silence.  Just the breathing of the dogs and the soft whirr of the ceiling fan.  It fells so weird.  I look out the window and the branches are barely moving.  Seems that not so long ago there was green in the trees and green on the ground.

This whole thing is surreal.  Without the ballast of retail it just feels like a snowy day.  There is no panic, anxiety, fear.  I just go thru my days and do my thing.  But is it enough?  Is it enough to just exist in one’s life?  I feel like I am in a dreamless sleep.

I think this break is what was needed to get my head straight and recharge the batteries.  Now I need to move forward.  I need to figure out a path.  It would be easier if it were Spring or Summer.  I would just go and work for one of the gardening places around here.  I guess I need to take a look at what is around here and pick one.

With these thoughts in mind I will start to work myself back into the real world and see what it holds for me.  I cannot live in limbo much longer.  But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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