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A Revelation and Thanks

Another morning.  Atleast I think it is.  I can’t see a thing out there.  We are in our accustomed spots; Moose is on the futon under a blanket trying to stay awake, Dante is on the floor in front of me asleep, Essie and Stella are behind me on the love seat covered up asleep and I am tapping away at the keyboard on the table.

I guess I’d better find some other way to make money.  Knowing people are reading what I write and are getting something out of it is enough.  I find myself not really worrying about whether or not it brings in any money.  I think part of it too is being able to talk to other people who have similar issues as I instead of someone who only knows second hand and is trying to “fix” the problems.  I’m talking with others living with the problems and sharing ways to cope.  Because the problems never really go away.  They just get tucked into a dusty corner that no one goes and forgotten about until something accidentally triggers it all over again.

I’m grateful to everyone who reads my blogs.  It helps to have people to talk to and for.  So thank you for reading and commenting and especially following.

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