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I have no idea what today will bring.  Supposedly some trusses for our garage.  I am having trouble swallowing as I seem to have gotten sick last night as I slept.  Hot coffee feels good but I cannot taste it.  I will seclude myself as best I can and try to get better.

I am trying but my mind is not in a good place.  Things have been hard even though a good face has been put on for the world.  Looking at things I need to do here doesn’t help.  And I am at a loss as to what to do here.

On a good note the fencing is up for the most part.  Gates need to go in but the team got fencing up all the way around so the kids wouldn’t get out while we were gone.  The yard was big before.  But both I and the kids are happy with it.  I have more to mow but the flip side is that I also have more the garden.  There are three raised flower beds out there that  I never used because it was a pain to get to them and keep them up due to their location.  Now I can get them cleaned up and turn them into a food garden.  I am very excited about that.

The kids took some convincing to check out the new fenced in area because we had an invisible fence up and they knew the boundaries.  But now that they have new space to explore they are very happy.  Stella was doing zoomies along the front of the new fence.  Parts of the old fence are torn down but some still remain.  I’ll have to pull them down at a later date.  My mind is saying now to keep busy but my body is saying “I don’t think so buttercup” so I will wait.

I hope everyone has a good day…  IMG_0249.JPG

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