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Where Am I?

We finally got home around 11:30 last night.  We should’ve been home earlier but our flight got delayed.  We are both sooooo road burnt right now.  Poor Chris drove probably over a thousand miles in those few yet long days we were gone.  The kids are so happy we are home but I can tell they are mad because of who we left them with.  I wasn’t happy either but at short notice the person was a good friend and was able to do it on a holiday week.

It has been a whirlwind week.  I was able to meet family members for the first time and renew connections with those I hadn’t seen in years.  I was dubbed “The Cool Aunt” because despite not knowing many of the people I still played with the babies and interacted.  But mostly because I was willing to chase the older/younger kids around.

I got to s

I am going to try to add some photos every day from the trip that I haven’t shared yet.

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