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Garaging Day 4

Well another day has begun.  The guys are here to do more work on the posts for the fence and the snow is steadily coming down.  A few minutes ago it was a rain and snow mix.  I am trying to do this and keep Essie quiet.  Everyone else is being good but Essie has to woof every once in a while.  I think she senses my anxiety.  But I am going to try not to talk too much about that.

I had a good couple hour chat with my Dad in Montreal last night.  He goes in Tuesday for hip surgery and I don’t know when we will be able to talk.  After surgery he will go to a nursing home for rehab.

This week has gone by too fast.  Tomorrow I will be packing my bag for the early flight to Oklahoma.  I guess we need to be at the airport by 4am.  I keep telling myself that a week from today I will be coming home.  The kids know something is up.  I’ve not told them directly yet.  I will probably wait until tomorrow.  Saying it out loud at this point to them is something I can’t do.

I mentally packed my bag when I couldn’t sleep last night.  I should be fine.  I don’t know what stuffed animal to take with me to help with anxiety.  I was going to take my MotoGP bear but then we are flying United and they bad Pitbulls as service dogs so I thought I’d bring my Pitty to make a statement.  Then I was looking at my bunny that Pat gave me and I kinda want to take that too.  So I don’t know.

I discovered that I am missing the November issue from Writer Magazine.  I sent them an email explaining everything and they have sent a replacement out.  That may beat me home.  We’ll see.  Something to look forward to.

it sounds like ice and snow are falling from the sky.  There was already one siren going by this morning.  I hope the roads aren’t too bad.  I have another hour before I need to wake the husband.  Fingers crossed all goes well for everyone today.

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