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Letting Go and Gaining More

Ahhhh morning.   Who am I kidding?  Ahhhhh coffee!  That’s better.   Something friends and family alike learn is that if they want me functioning in the morning I need caffeinated coffee.  My magic go juice.  Otherwise I will tend to be crabby and unreasonable.  Or I will be completely silent and just go through the motions.  That is actually more damning than me being crabby and unreasonable.

I made a big decision last night.  I quit NaNoWriMo.  I had no story.  I couldn’t come up with anything.  I hated what I started with so I killed off all but one character and then made it seem that it was a story within a story and it was actually about a writer doing NaNoWriMo and her dog.  So the last week I have been writing about me and Moose.  Just day to day stuff and the anguish of trying to make it as a writer and as myself.  Last night I didn’t even get a page done.  I wrote The End.  I can’t put myself thru that.  It was supposed to be fun, to see if I could do it.  But in the end I would mope around the house and not do anything because I had to pull those words out like rotten teeth and glue them to the paper for others to see.

I actually feel better having made the decision to stop.  So here I am, free again.  I actually looked up some reviewing sites online so that I can start doing that more.  I enjoy reading and I am a pretty good reviewer.  So there may be book links in future blogs.

I never did get the fall leave photos on here.  Maybe that will be something to do later this week.  I am excited about this reviewing site I found.  I think I might also give Kirkus Media a go once I get a few reviews in with the web site.  Then I can use clips from my recent reviews instead of photos of my older reviews.  So here’s to hoping I get the momentum going!

Well there’s not much else to go one about (I want to keep this post positive).  I hope you have a fab day!  Thanks for reading!20140805-223728-81448883.jpg

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