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Frustration, Lack of Ambition and Other Annoying Traits

I’m sitting here watching the snow come down.  I am happy because I don’t have to drive in it but I am not happy because our garage still hasn’t been built.  I am also frustrated because I cannot find my way for NaNoWriMo.  I am bsing my way thru it.  And not even very well.  I made my word quote Wednesday but I barely got a page yesterday.  The story is going no where because there is no story.  I have no idea what to write about.  I have no ideas.  For anything.

Moose has been, without warning, throwing up water. I think he is drinking too much too fast.  Well last night (this morning really) he did it on my shoulder.  No biggie but we were in bed.  My husband offered to turn on the light but I said no.   I’d just wish everything again in the morning.  I was just so tired.  I’d gotten up earlier to clean up where Stella had gone to the bathroom instead of waking me up to go potty outside.  So despite my best efforts I got little sleep.

So this morning I find myself frustrated.  Not inspired,  Not hopeful,  Just irritated and frustrated.  And at a loss.  The kids need more of their kibble.  I still need to pay the car insurance.  I may have to tap a source I don’t want to.  I’m going thru coffee like crazy.  Maybe I should just get a bag instead of the coffee singles.  When it gets cold I drink more coffee.

I’m staring at my piles of reference books I have around here.  They would probably help more if I actually cracked them when I needed them instead of worrying about getting lost in them.  Atleast they might serve some useful purpose.

The kids are all asleep.  I find myself wishing I was too.  Maybe today I will read thru atleast one of my reference books to see if I can find a kernel of inspiration to work from.  I can find none of my own so I need to borrow from someone else.


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