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Poking at Big Questions With a Small Fork

Does anyone else get irritated when you are first starting on your blog and you are trying to gather your thoughts and that damn message pops up on the upper left of your screen saying “You haven’t written anything yet!” in that big red bar?  Even if you click the x and dismiss the message it will pop back up.  And then it stays for a few minutes even after you have begun!  I pressure myself to get writing enough.  I don’t need any outside bullying!

But that’s not what it is.  It is a  message to tell me that nothing has been written.  Nothing more.  It is only bullying because that is what it feels like when I cannot find anything to say.  Just like when you enter a writing contest someone has to win.  Everyone doesn’t get a participation badge.  Someone must win because someone must be able to lead by example.  This is good writing.  This is what you should aspire to.

This is the same in life.  If you don’t like the decision then you either go some place else to try or try harder where you are.  The world is not equal.  That is not how we grow and become better.  We are being too soft with the children we are raising.  We are coddling them too much.  They need to learn to earn respect not assume it is theirs because of their name or what their family can do.

There will always be bullies.  We need to learn to deal with them.  We need to find our own coping mechanism.  They will not go away.  They can get worse as you get older.  You need to learn to deal.  There will always be someone abusing someone else.  Be it a friendship (learn to say no once in a while) to the extreme opposite of physical and mental abuse.

There is no simple solution to any of this.  But hiding our heads in the sand and saying everyone is equal and hoping all the bad stuff will sort itself out isn’t going to work either.  Bad things will fester and grow in the blind spots.  We need to stop all the finger pointing.  Sometimes we do things to ourselves that set us up to be the victims.  And once you start down that path of being the victim it can be hard to make your way back.

I may be wrong I may be right.  This is all just my opinion.  But we need to start moving forward with our lives.  Not back.

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