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Procrastination Is the Way We Go

This time change has got me so messed up!  I have no idea what time it is anymore let alone what day.  The contractor is supposed to pour the cement today.  He won’t get any money from Mom if he doesn’t.  When I talked to him last it was going to be today.  Might not be until the afternoon but he would be here.  So we shall see.

I did get a few pages done on my NaNoWriMo project yesterday so I am proud of that.  I’m not as far behind as I was.  That makes me feel better.  Chris has had a four day weekend so I have been able to spend some quality time with him.  Usually it’s a few minutes here and there as we cross paths before he heads to work.

Good grief!  I sound like a “Dear Diary” entry!  Sadly there is not much to tell this morning.  My brain still feels muddled despite some coffee.  I am debating whether or not to crack one of my writing books this afternoon for some inspiration.  I need something to help the juices flow.  I wanted to toss everything I’d written yesterday because I had no idea where the story was going nor did I care.  But I couldn’t start all over again.  Not this many words into it.  So I made my character a writer and what we had read at first was her NaNoWriMo entry.  That was all I could think to do to save it.

The kids are snoozing around me.  I find myself dropping the ball with things lately.  And I get mad at myself because I have the time I just don’t want to so I put it off or I forget.  It’s not like I can’t take time out of my movie viewing to do this stuff.   Although I can’t eliminate the neediness of the kids.  They are very understanding in the morning so I can do my writing (it helps that we have to be quiet so Chris can sleep) but once Chris is up they want attention and to play.  And with the temperature outside on constant drop that means inside play.  Naturally four dogs won’t play with each other.  Momma has to play with everyone.  At the same time.  Let’s not forget belly rubs and cuddles in between ball and Frisbee throws.  The only thing I can get away with is reading.  And even then there will be a head gently tucked under my arm to remind me that there are dogs wasting away from lack of love and attention.

I never did post my fall photos I took on here.  I got ahhhhh little photo happy.  I need to go thru and delete the ones that don’t work and upload them.  But I am honestly worried that I will use it as an excuse not to get any writing done so I have put it off.

Well my coffee is almost gone so I need another cup and I need to get motivated with my NaNoWriMo project.  Cheers!


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