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Falling Back to Move Forward

I still need to adjust the clock in the kitchen and the one in my office.  But I need to do my writing first.  I feel better today mentally but physically is about the same.  I will be able to function more than yesterday.  I didn’t even make a page in the NaNoWriMo novel.  I did do this, my Writing.com and I read more on my review books.  And I did work some on my novel.  So all was not lost.  I just felt like it was,

I am trying hard to keep positive.  Sometimes simple things can bring me down, like waking up to our maple trees in back barely having any leaves when they were all still full yesterday (wind is pretty strong today).  Simple things can also make me happy, like going on to Writing.com and finding out I received a merit badge for reviewing on the site.  I ranked 76 out of a few thousand writers.  Little pats on the back like that can make my whole day.

I need to not stress about what I cannot control, good or bad.  I need to remember that I am loved and I am good because I am me.  I need to remember that I am still a good person if I miss a goal occasionally.  I can do this.  I have my support from family and friends.  I have been given the resources to succeed.  I have it in me to succeed.  And I will succeed.

I found the bracelet my Mother-in-law made me years ago.  She was going thru her jewelry making phase.  She also made me a beautiful necklace with matching earrings but the bracelet is my favorite.  The beautiful braid that compromises the band is the best part because it is so Celtic.   The amount of work and time to get that beautiful weave…  And she made it for me.  Just because.  So I am wearing that to remind me of love and creativity.

So despite my naked trees, the cold and the hurt let the rain come.  The rain will help wash things away.  It will help cleanse the air and the landscape.  And the soul.

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