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Dark Days

It’s hard to do this today.  I’m not feeling my best, physically or emotionally.  I missed my NaNoWriMo goal yesterday.  I dread doing it today.  Essie seems to be in the same boat.  I want to curl up and try to get more sleep.  I don’t feel as bad in my dreams.

Today is Chris’s birthday.  We will do what he wants today.  We spent pretty much all afternoon and night together yesterday.  That was a nice change.  Usually he is gaming or I am doing something else.  He will hopefully sleep later since he stayed up later to adjust for the time change tonight.

NaNoWriMo has got me discouraged this year.  I’m writing everything in a notebook (I have always preferred longhand) and it is taking even more pages than I remember to get my daily quota of words.  Even with small print.

So I’m trying to do this and my Writing.com and then I will try to tackle the book again.  I have no idea of where it’s going or what I’m doing with any of it.  No plan.  And my mind is very Zen.  It is blank and empty.  My heart just isn’t in it today.

I think this will be a short one today.  The skies here are dark.  They threaten snow.  Outside matches inside unfortunately.   I hope everyone has sunny skies wherever they may be today.


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