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The Novelty of It All

It’s here. The first day of NaNoWriMo. And I am petrified. I did a dry run on a short story last night. I barely got four sentences out and my brain ceased to function. Sat staring at the page for thirty minutes. Then I dinked around on my phone and journaled (I got a page there). When I went back to my story…. nothing.

I guess I can see it in my mind but not on paper. Too much non fiction writing. It has been a few years since I wrote any fiction. And now I’m supposed to write a novel in a month. What was I thinking? Or was I? I was dreaming in my mind of being a writer. But I can’t put anything on paper.

I am still going to try. I have to. Even though I’m writing this on my phone I woke up to find a new (new for me) laptop sitting in my writing space. On my agenda for today is to get it up and running so I can use it tomorrow.

I was grateful to see that I could write my novel long hand and still submit my word count at the end. I don’t have any writing programs on my laptops and I didn’t look forward to typing everything in everyday after I wrote it. I even have a “new” notebook all ready to go for today.

So I suppose I’d better stop procrastinating on here and get to work on that novel!

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