Happy Thoughts…. Happy Thoughts

I knew it would be difficult to write when  I didn’t feel good.  But being sick and keeping a positive attitude is almost impossible.  I am miserable and just want to be left alone.  But I still have to deal with the guys building our garage, the kids, the husband (who is now also sick) and still do my writing.  This is gonna be hard.

I’m not going to cheat and post a bunch of photos (although I may still share some at the end) but I am going to try to put something positive out here for everyone.

What are your favorite comforts when you are sick?  I remember one Halloween that was bitterly cold and wet.  I went as Wicket W. Warwick from “Return of the Jedi.”  I got back home and I was freezing and probably sick.  Mom ran a hot bath for me and made me chicken noodle soup to eat and fed me as I warmed up.

When I don’t feel good I tend to read more.  My favorite go tos are my cozy mysteries and my classic horror.  Classic horror for me is the traditional like H.P. Lovecraft and Stephen King as well as stories I’ve read and enjoyed or books and story collections that are from the Gothic/Victorian era.  Stories that are set in that era (The List of Seven) or are written in that era (Classic Victorian Horror Stories) qualify for me.  For some reason horror from that era comforts me.  Simplicity of thought processes?  Simpler times?  Probably a combination of both.

I also favor sleep but once adulting starts that is not always an option.  That and I feel as though I’m wasting precious time.  I could be accomplishing something (like healing isn’t doing just that).  It’s funny how little we take care of ourselves when we are sick but we can take care of everyone else when they are sick.  Why do I hear Holmes saying to Watson, “Physician heal thy self!”  He’s probably right.

Thanks for reading. I hope I wasn’t too crabby.

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Where oh Where Do We Go From Here

This may or may not follow a pattern of sense.   I am still sick.  It’s one of those where it gives you a glimmer of hope and then the next morning it is dashed away and you are actually worse than when you went to bed.  The garage has come to a stand still.  Again.  This time it a a combo platter of the guys not being here and that we need to move a power line because the over hang from the roof may touch it when all is said and done.  Nevermind that this was pointed out to the contractor by both my husband and I before this got underway.  It’s a good thing I had them move the building back a few feet.  The roof would’ve been holding the wire up if we’d left it where he was putting it.  I’m trying to be positive.  But when I called the electric company it is $75 up front and the guy is 3-4 weeks out.  I would just like to cry.

So I don’t know what we are going to do.  I’m extremely frustrated.  Being sick isn’t helping.  I don’t feel like doing much around the house.  I do a lot of sleeping.  I don’t know…

The pups have been rallying around me to take care of me in their own way.  I am grateful for that.  I (hack hack hack) would be lost without them.  I’m sitting here staring off into space trying to figure out what to do or say that is positive.  I am feeling very down in the dumps.

Since I can’t think of anything to share I will make this short.  I hope everyone has a better day and stays healthy!

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Navel Contemplation and Other Linty Problems

The trusses arrived yesterday afternoon.  Apparently the companies Menard’s deliveries are up to 5 weeks behind.  *eye roll*  So the guys will be here around noon and the hoist around 1pm.  And of course Mother Nature  set down a fresh layer of snow overnight.  Could be worse but it is frustrating none the less.

My blessed pups let me sleep extra late since I am sick.  Essie started about 9:30am so I got an extra hour and a half of sleep.  I am trying to catch up around the house but it is difficult when I am sick.  (Well it’s hard anyway but being sick actually gives me an excuse so I gotta work thru that.)   I didn’t get what I wanted done yesterday so hopefully today I can muster myself to get moving.

Amazing how relaxing this time of year has the potential to be since I am not in retail.  No floor moves, no trucks three days a week, no surprise Santa Fests, no long hours… For that I am very grateful.  I still need to figure out what I want to do with myself.  Writing is good but I need a steady income to be able to pay bills as this grows.  I thought about going back to school but that does not help with bill paying if I am doing school and no job.

My mind is in a good spot right now.  Which is odd with everything still going on.  It’s like my mind has stepped back and is chillin’ in a recliner with a beer just contemplating instead of stressing.  Which is a nice change.  I think I reached my new max level of stress capacity these past few weeks.

The kids are back asleep and I need to make some effort on my site. Cheers!

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Life and Things

I have no idea what today will bring.  Supposedly some trusses for our garage.  I am having trouble swallowing as I seem to have gotten sick last night as I slept.  Hot coffee feels good but I cannot taste it.  I will seclude myself as best I can and try to get better.

I am trying but my mind is not in a good place.  Things have been hard even though a good face has been put on for the world.  Looking at things I need to do here doesn’t help.  And I am at a loss as to what to do here.

On a good note the fencing is up for the most part.  Gates need to go in but the team got fencing up all the way around so the kids wouldn’t get out while we were gone.  The yard was big before.  But both I and the kids are happy with it.  I have more to mow but the flip side is that I also have more the garden.  There are three raised flower beds out there that  I never used because it was a pain to get to them and keep them up due to their location.  Now I can get them cleaned up and turn them into a food garden.  I am very excited about that.

The kids took some convincing to check out the new fenced in area because we had an invisible fence up and they knew the boundaries.  But now that they have new space to explore they are very happy.  Stella was doing zoomies along the front of the new fence.  Parts of the old fence are torn down but some still remain.  I’ll have to pull them down at a later date.  My mind is saying now to keep busy but my body is saying “I don’t think so buttercup” so I will wait.

I hope everyone has a good day…  IMG_0249.JPG

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Where Am I?

We finally got home around 11:30 last night.  We should’ve been home earlier but our flight got delayed.  We are both sooooo road burnt right now.  Poor Chris drove probably over a thousand miles in those few yet long days we were gone.  The kids are so happy we are home but I can tell they are mad because of who we left them with.  I wasn’t happy either but at short notice the person was a good friend and was able to do it on a holiday week.

It has been a whirlwind week.  I was able to meet family members for the first time and renew connections with those I hadn’t seen in years.  I was dubbed “The Cool Aunt” because despite not knowing many of the people I still played with the babies and interacted.  But mostly because I was willing to chase the older/younger kids around.

I got to s

I am going to try to add some photos every day from the trip that I haven’t shared yet.


The Layover…

Well it was bad enough having a 4 hour layover, we managed to get in 20 minutes early. 🙄 The nice thing is we are at O’Hare Airport so we can find things to do. We thought about checking out the Children’s Museum here but it looks like it’s just a playground for kids.

What we DID find was a airplane and a DINOSAUR! Squeeeeeee!!!! I love dinosaurs! ❤️ I took a bunch of pictures! Sadly that still leaves another 3 hours to burn, I don’t know what we are gonna do. My head hurts so I don’t want to read. Chris is trying to game on his laptop but he’s having issues. So we may go walking again!

Here are some pics of the plane and dinosaur. Enjoy!


Not So Black Friday

We are on our way back to Oklahoma City. I had no chance to post anything yesterday because we were busy from the time we got up til we went to bed. Talk about a whirlwind vacation!

I will try to add pics of the painted hills. They are quite beautiful! I also got to see some of the places the legendary growing up stories occurred. There is a lot of his story here. Not just from my family but also historically. My father-in-law has collected bullets off his land that are from Gen. George Custer when he stayed in the area before he went to the Last Stand.

I think we are both a bit fried at this point from driving all over and seeing everyone. I find my mind drifting as I try to write this. I hope everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving (and even if you don’t celebrate the holiday) was able to spend it with someone they care about.

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Doing the Texas Day Trip

This is a bit late in the day but we had to drive to Texas to meet some friends. We are on our way back to Oklahoma.

Headache this morning but better now. We are on old Route 66. Lotsa cotton fields along this route as well as wind farms. A light wind day so that has made travel a little easier.

Tonight we will spend the night in Fort Supply then back to Oklahoma City for Thanksgiving. Mom sent a bunch of pics of the kids for me. I miss my babies.

I guess the fence is up but no further work on the garage. Still waiting on supplies. 😡

I haven’t taken many photos because I am the navigator so my time and phone have been in use trying to get us to and from our various destinations. I will share what I have next post when I have better wi-fi access. Cheers!