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Just a Little Blip

It was nice while it lasted. My Mom was nice enough to give me her laptop when I started this endeavor two months ago. As of last night it is toast. So I will be doing not only my blogging but NaNoWriMo on my phone. My Murphionic field strikes again!

I am very frustrated by this. I had everything moving along and I had worked out most of the kinks in my routine. I’d set up all my sites, passwords etc. Take two steps forward and all that. I’m trying not to be angry. I’m trying not to let it spill over into the rest of my day.

I’m grateful I can do all this on my phone. And my space bar works when I push it. Every time. So maybe this was a blessing in disguise. I don’t really believe that but I’m trying. Damn. I have to do my book reviews on the phone as well. But it can be done. I can do this.

Happy Halloween to everyone! 🎃

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