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November Is a Comin’

I have decided to go for it.  I’m going to do NaNoWriMo this year.  GULP!  I’ve only done it once before and I never made it to the end.  Soooooo I have made up my mind to do it this year.  It’s been eight years.  I pulled out a bunch of books yesterday and started going through.  I’ve also got my stuff going on the site.  I didn’t realize they still had me in the database after all these years!  I’ve also gone and jotted down some notes for the big start on Thursday.

Saturday is Chris’s birthday.  Then there is the trip to see his family for five days.  Those I think are the only days that might be a bit harry for me in regards to getting my daily goal.  So, thinking monkey that I am, I made the choice to set my daily goal at 2,000 words that way I have a cushion if I need it.  And if I don’t then I have that much more done.  I am going to make the effort on those days even with the cushion.

I know a lot of people think this is dumb.  And then there are those that say, “Well you did a novel in a month!  Why aren’t you published?”  Right now this is to prove to myself that I can do it.  Purely selfish means.

But I also need to keep up with the rest of my life.  I need to keep doing this, going to my Writing.com site, query articles, take care of the family and the house.  That is another challenge I want to meet.  That I CAN do all of this.  Maybe not every day but I can function.  I won’t freeze up and freak out.  I need to prove this to myself.

The sun has come out bright and bold as I write this.  I’ll take that as a good sign!img_0021

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