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Sleepless in Michigan

The dogs are curled up and snoozing.  Truthfully I wish I was too.  Not been getting much sleep of late.  Not sure why.  I’m one of those that is a light sleeper (incase the dogs need to go out or something happens) and if I do wake it is hard for me to get back to sleep.  The ole monkey mind kicks in and starts to chatter away.  Some times I can give him a drugged banana in the form of a prayer or numbers to focus on.  But  more and more that doesn’t seem to work.  If I am alone and Chris hasn’t come to bed yet I can sometimes turn on the light and read til I fall back asleep.  I need to find something I can do in my head on those nights where I’m either too exhausted to get up but too awake to fall back asleep.  I’ve tried counting sheep.  Maybe counting pirates?  One of Stephen King’s characters fell asleep counting cigarette brands.  I believe it was “Lunch at the Gotham Café.”

Audio books are nice until you fall asleep without turning it off and hours later have not idea where you fell asleep at in the storyline.  I have one of my Audible books that I did that to and I still haven’t gone back to try to find where I fell asleep at.  It’s like an 18 hour book and I have no idea how many hours I’m into it.  I could try my portable CD player.  I have some music CDs that are waves or flute music or the like.   I’d better get the batteries charging when I’m done with this then.

I wish I didn’t waste my time awake at night.  You know I could work on a new story idea or work out a plot problem.  Nope.  My mind decides to waste the time and energy on what I did wrong or did not do at all.  In short any and all of my mistakes.  And I make up these scenarios that will come to pass and all the bad things that will happen because of it.  I have a great imagination when it comes to my failures.  But when I need to come up with a story idea I got nuthin’.

I think that is why I seem to limit my writing.  I put myself too much in my character shoes.  What would do in that situation?  Not what would the character do.  I notice my scope diminishing as to what the character would do.  I don’t step aside.  Which is pretty funny since I take the time to draw up backgrounds for them.  I need to get out of my own head, both for my own sake and that of my writing.

With NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) just around the corner (Thursday to be exact) I need to be gathering my forces.  Since I normally could not do this because of work I told myself this year I was going to try.  I’m reading about all the prep work everyone seems to be doing.  The last time I tried this I made it a few weeks before work hours just wiped me out too much.  This time the only bump will be when we are out of town on Thanksgiving.  I plan to bring the laptop so I can do this so I should be able to work on a novel too right?  And I do have a backup plan if I can’t bring the laptop.  Before I got it I was able to do my blog entries on my phone and I do have a writing app on my phone sooooo I need to make sure to bring all my charging equipment.  For that matter I need to see if there is a NaNoWriMo app for my phone.  And put the site on here under my favorites.

Before I lose my forward momentum I’d better do it.  If you are doing NaNoWriMo let me know and good luck to all of us!

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