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Not One of My Better Days

This has not been a very good day so we will see how this goes.  We “cleaned” my computer yesterday.  I asked specifically if my passwords would be saved.  We both looked and the passwords were checked to be saved.  NOPE!  I went to try to go to my sites (thank goodness my links got saved) and I had to sign in.  With most of these I have been using them for a few months and I haven’t had to log in because it was done automatically.  I have managed to find everything but my password.  I asked for help and they said they found me and would send a link to reset my password.  What I think they are doing is sending it to my email on their site.  Which is useless because I cannot access that email unless I am logged in on the site.  And without a password I cannot log in.

I had to get up and get Essie to the vet for her stitches which meant no food or water for anyone since 8pm last night.  So everyone’s routine was off.  And then I had to carry Essie to the door because she did not want to go.  Everyone else did.  Moose was whining.  I was trying to keep him quiet, get Essie TO the door.  Then Moose and Stella tried to get out and Essie in……

Essie was so scared at the vet they gave her some meds to calm her.  They made her sick.  I had to walk her back because she didn’t want to go anywhere without me.  My morning was awesome.  I was under the impression I would wait a little bit and then take her home.  But now I can’t get her until 3 or 3:30pm.  Momma is NOT happy with that.  I also need to ask them about what to do if something happens while we are gone to see Chris’s family next month.

I played with the remaining three dogs outside when I got home.  That helped them because they are all snoozing while I write this.   And my laptop is even slower than before it was cleaned so I don’t know what is wrong now.  And my phone is acting weird.  I was down to 53% power for no reason.  It had been plugged in over night and was at full charge when I left.  Email seems to be wonky too.

Gaaah!  I suppose I’d better try to find my last password.  I pray it’s here somewhere.  I hope all of you are having better days!

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