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Crumbs on the Path

Today is shaping up to be interesting.  Whether that will be good or bad remains to be seen and dealt with.  Mother Nature has picked today to throw me a loop so who knows what emotions may or may not surface.  Truth be told a feel relatively normal compared to my past sessions with Mother Nature.  That is definitely throwing me off!

Someone tried to hack my Facebook account so I am temporarily blocked from doing pretty much everything with the exception of posting and looking at stuff.  Sooooo that avenue of distraction and interaction has been limited.  Messenger has gone off the deep end on me too.  I can’t get it to load despite uninstalling and reinstalling on my phone.  I posted to let everyone know (Messenger is how my family keeps in contact over the miles) why I’m not on.  I don’t know how long my account will be in quarantine.  Not necessarily a bad thing.

I normally do my read and reviews on after I do this but today I didn’t.  I had another newbie ask me to read another piece she wrote and I wanted to do it before I forgot again.  It was a relevant essay on childhood and the loss of it.  Or never really getting a childhood at all.

Kids are expected to act like adults as soon as they can walk and talk.  We forget that the mistakes we make in childhood teach.  We forget that we need that innocence and ignorance to help shape who we will become and what we will do.  Then there is this seeming explosion of child abuse.  Where is all that coming from?  How may abuse cycles have begun or have sadly continued over the past 10 years alone?  What are we even teaching our kids?  Not math.  Not cursive.  Not that there are times you will lose and times you will win.  Not the desire to work for something, to earn it.

The world scares me anymore.  It is spiraling downward and picking up momentum as it goes.  I don’t think there is much of anything we can do to stop it.  Sure there are Band aides we can put on to try to heal this or that but  really what we are diagnosed with is a terminal cancer with no cure.  Just a lot of chemo and a bit of hope for a few years of remission.

So love to the fullest, laugh to the fullest, live to the fullest.  This is all we’ve got.


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