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How Fast Can You Go?

It’s a dark and gloomy morning. Cold too.  We slept late today, 9am instead of our usual 8am wake up.  Everyone is still sleepy.  I hope the coffee helps.  My eye lids are drooping.  It is a good day to just hunker down with a book and the kids in bed.  My problem is I usually have a stack of books going at a time so I either bring the stack or sit and figure out what I’m in the mood for.  If I’m going outside or it is during the day I will put it all in a bag to haul around.  If it’s at night then I usually pick out two or three books to haul to bed.  And I usually switch between them.

I hate that I do that.  I hate that my mind has gotten trained on crumbs.  I find myself bored after a few pages and need something new.  Part of that is too much Facebook on my part.  Bored?  Need to burn a few minutes on short and sweet to keep your mind occupied?  Pull out ye olde phone and go to Facebook!  I don’t Twitter or Instagram despite lures from friends and family.  I have enough problems with Facebook.  I can’t imagine adding anything else is going to help.  Especially if I am expected to keep it up.

I find I’m reading short story collections more.  And that I have less patience for novels that don’t get it going soon after I start reading.  I don’t like that about myself.  Before I was willing to give a chapter or two to background.  Not anymore.  I also blame this on our fast paced society.  I no longer enjoy the journey.  I want to get where I’m going and then be back.  The inbetween doesn’t interest me anymore.

And that is sad.  Our world has become so instantaneous.  We want everything now (or as close to yesterday as we can get).  We keep going faster and faster but do we really get anything done?  Cure for cancer?  World peace?  Do we even find happiness?  And because everything is so fast everything is being done half assed in order to get it out before the other guy does.  Fame and fortune baby!  That’s where it is!  Don’t help your fellow man or those around you… focus on the BIG picture!

I’m tired of being on this not-so-merry-go-round.  I’d like to try another ride please.  Maybe the Dumbo ride to see how high I can go.  Or a good roller coaster.  Anything but this.

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