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Oh Look! Squirrel!

I’m back!  The internet went out all over this area Saturday?  Yes, because today was essentially day three but it came back on while I was journaling this morning.  No contact with family or friends for the most part.  I went out of the house to help a friend yesterday and while I was out I posted that we had no internet so that is why we were not responding to anyone.  I could atleast text on my phone so I could let my family know (we try to Skype on Saturdays since the family is all over the place (this is my Dad’s side of the house)) what was up.  And I could whine to my Mom.

Chris and I watched a bunch of DVDs together and had a goodtime doing it.  He couldn’t really game since not internet so he got to rewatch some old favorites from our movie selection.

I had plans for today but I have had to change them so I can get Essie into the vet for her ear.  She is acting fine but I worry that she needs antibiotics.  Soooo off we go at 3:30pm.

And may I just say right now that I hate this laptop.  It just completely rearranged my text and now when I go to fix it instead of inserting the letters it over writes the ones behind it.  So I have to make sure as I write that all is well because I cannot go back and tweak it later.

I’m sorry this is all over the place today.  Not having my routine for two days has thrown me off my game (which wasn’t that great to begin with).  The sun is out and we just had a random bird throw itself at the front window.  It must’ve seen it’s own reflection because the windows stay covered til Chris gets up so the kids don’t fuss about anything going on out there.

And before I sign off for the day I just want to say thank you to everyone who is following me!  It’s nice to have people who want to read what I write…. no matter how seemingly random.  Have a great day!

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