Pups ‘R Us

Today is one of those days where the harder I try to do the right thing the worse it seems to get.  I tried to take some homemade banana bread across the street as a thank you to our neighbors and when I got back the living room was NOT how I left it.  A drink was spilled across a table (it was well back from the edge so there was no reason), papers torn, books all over…. so I scolded the dogs and moved on.  Later that night I went to take collars off so we could go to bed and Essie yelped.  I looked to see why.  The base of her right ear has a deep gouge and is bleeding.  Not bad but holding it’s own.  After I discovered that I sat and cried for a bit.  And then Essie began to shake, even when she was asleep.  So I gave her one of Moose’s anxiety pills (for when we go to the vet).  This seemed to calm her down and get her into a good sleep.  I looked Stella over (she is the one that Essie seems to pick at) and she had some crusty spots but nothing major.

I couldn’t leave Stella out on the street when I found her.  I couldn’t just dump her back at the shelter.  No one would’ve taken her because of her medical problems and she would’ve been put down.  But I don’t want her and Essie hating each other.  This will be one more thing I worry about on our trip.  When I leave the house am I going to have to put her in the kennel again?  What about when we are gone?  And will a third female (our dog sitter has a female Pitty) staying at the house make things worse?

Moose has been by my side a good portion of the time because he knows that I am upset.  Essie has been there as much as she can as well.  Stella will cuddle but she seems to be neutral in all this.  Dante has been the same. I get so frustrated because I try to do the right thing and it goes bad somehow.  Chris has but up with a lot with Stella because she is still a puppy at a little over a year old.  She’s mellowed out a lot in the few months we’ve had her.  But it hasn’t been easy for him.

So I don’t know what to do.  Both girls are behind me sleeping on the loveseat.  Essie is a bit more wary around Stella but if Essie wouldn’t antagonize when she gets agitated (I’ve caught her nipping at her brothers when she gets too riled if a dog is going by)…  I’m not blaming either girl.  They both push each others buttons on purpose.  I was just hoping after 6 months things would be a little better than they are between them.

Well atleast the sun has come out…..

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