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How far would you go to keep your family together?  What would you do to keep your happiness and that of those around you?  Would that in turn make you miserable?  The movie “Marrowbone” answers these questions for one British family.  A mother and her four children escape to America on the run from something.  They move into a house called Marrowbone and take that as their last name to start their new life.  That first summer is the best they have ever had together.  That is when Ali comes in to their lives.  The five become fast friends.

The happiness lasts a little over a year, until their mother dies.  She has been sick and seemed to be better once they had settled in but the trip had taken more out of her than she realized.  When she passes away only the children know.  If anyone else finds out then the family will be separated.  They cover all the mirrors in the house soon after.  They cover them so that they don’t see the ghost that seems to be haunting them.

The oldest is Jack.  If they can keep their secret until he turns 21 in a few months they can keep the family together.  Next is Jane and then Billy.  Both in their late teens.  Little Sam is the baby at 10.  They work together to keep the house up and sell bread to have an income.

Jack and Ali fall in love. She is a librarian in town.  Then there is Mr. Tom Porter.  He takes care of the finances in regards to the house.  He too is smitten with Ali.  He also begins to suspect all is not right at Marrowbone.  At first he is mildly curious but when he is rebuffed many times by Ali in favor of Jack his curiosity intensifies.

Over the course of the movie you are given tidbits as to why the family ran from England.  You discover the terrible secret that Jack and his siblings are hiding at the climatic end when not only is the family secret revealed but so is Jack’s.

A masterful movie set in the 1950s.  Cinematography is lush and very well done.  The acting brings you into the story to care about each of the characters, flaws and all.  The script is tightly written, keeping you in suspense and giving nothing away.

I found this under Horror on Hulu but it’s not.  There are scares but it would be better homed under Suspense or Thriller.  But I’m glad the mistake was made so I could find it.  I cannot recommend this movie enough!


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