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Scare Me

I watched “The 50 Best Horror Movies You Never Saw” last night.  Whereas there were actually very few of the movies I hadn’t seen I was interested more in the people who were putting their suggestions forth.  The group of horror lovers ran the gamut from actresses to producers, bloggers to event organizers and a lot in between.  It is always fun to get a bunch of horror fans together to see what happens.  I think that is what makes horror conventions so fun.

I would love to read to see what people think the best horror books are.  I think what you enjoy reading says a lot about you.  I like my horror movies with a bit of blood and creative deaths (especially when the right character gets killed off) but my reading I don’t need all that.  The right people need to die as well but I don’t need all the blood and gore.  When I read I want a story and characters I care about.  I want something I can believe in.  (And Brett Michaels from Poison just sang that line in my mind.)

Of late I have been going more for the old school Gothic stories: a lot of H.P. Lovecraft and short story collections from the Victorian era or earlier.  I like the subtle scare.  The one that stays with you for a few days.  And since it’s just me and the dogs at night those can be very effective.  Especially if  you want to be scared.  And who doesn’t this time of year?

I think that is why haunted houses are so effective as well.  You can actually put yourself IN the horror movie or book you read.  Will you survive?  And there are the lovely choices for ghoulies and ghosties you can have come after you in their various haunts.  There is a situation for everyone.  There are the subtle scares (the sound of someone coming up behind you but no one is there or the grab of your arm or leg as you try to get down a dark passage way) or the not so subtle ones (one of my favorites is where someone just follows you.  No words no actions except for following you wherever you go).  And with the movies depicting death and mayhem in the fun houses and haunted theme parks you still can get worked up as to whether or not you will be safe.  Is there a madman (or woman) behind that mask?

For those of you who enjoy a good scare feel free to share an experience, a movie, book or whatever that has scare you very well or that you just had fun with.  I always love to hear what spooks other people.  Go ahead….. scare me!

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