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The usual morning scan thru the “news” shows a lot of celebrities having issues with mental health.  It’s nice to see because it makes them more human.  But on the flip side how much harder is it for them?  Constantly in the spotlight,being looked at and up to, no real time to yourself to just be yourself.

I look at the “news” each morning and truthfully don’t see a lot of happiness anymore. Oh there are sprinkles to be sure.  Prince Harry and his wife are expecting.  various stories about people helping the victims of Hurricane Michael.  But really?  Not a lot of good news or feelings floating out there.

I look out the windows and see the sun (WHAT?! Actual sunshine?) and wonder how much worse it could be (my imagination is good at that).  But what I should be doing is looking at how good it is.  I have a wonderful husband who takes care of me and supports me.  I am blessed with four smart dogs with over the top personalities who can keep me busy.  I have a huge support system that is always there for me in the form of family, friends and random strangers (that usually become friends).  I have a chance to earn my living as a writer if I want to.  I have tons of books to read and research thru.  I have food, clothing and shelter.

With all that good why does it take something simple to take it away?  How can I lose the spark so quickly from a misplaced work or a misplaced comment?  How do I get it back?  How do any of us?  I guess just start with the small stuff.  Name  one thing you are grateful for.  One thing that gives you happiness (or atleast puts a smile on your face).  Then think of another.  And another.  And another until you don’t hurt quite as much anymore.  Hold on to that for as long as you can.

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