Dogs, family

Juggling with Dogs

Do you ever feel like all the mental balls you are juggling have just come down on your head?  That was me last night.  On top of not feeling good I couldn’t sleep til Chris came home.   My mind was all over the place.  Did I make my car payment?  Did I write that query letter?  Did I lock the door?

That is one of the things I love about my dogs, they love to chase balls.  Physically and metaphorically.  When I am going thru a rough patch (which seems to hit more frequently and deeper now) I can count on them to distract me or just make things easier with their love and goofiness.

Moose is very much my dog.  When we got to bed at night he has to be atleast touching me.  If it’s been a hard day he is usually snuggled or draped across me.  Essie is a cuddle bug as well.  If I sit down she is right there to either exchange lovins’ or slowly build up a soft whine to let me know there is a limited time before she explodes because she hasn’t chased her Frisbee in the past 5 minutes.  Stella will cuddle and kiss and roll her ball at me until I either toss it back for her to catch or actually get up and throw it outside.  When i get to the door I as her if she’s ready and she knocks on the door with her paw.  If I’m not opening the door fast enough I get the funniest talking/whine/growl.  Then she runs amazingly fast for the broken little Pitty that she is.  Dante will just lumber over and do his best to get up beside me (he’s 15 years old and pushing 100lbs).  Then he just leans into me for love.  He will even give kisses if he deems the occasion calls for it (Dante kisses are special in our house because he has never been a big kisser, when you get Boo kisses it is a special day).

I am probably unhealthily attached to them but there it is.  I love them all dearly and would do anything for them.  And, with the exception of Dante, all of them are Pitties.  So feel free to Pitty me!  😉

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